Pyramids have long fascinated great minds from throughout history including Cleopatra, Antony, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte who considered pyramids a focal point of positive energy ensuring success in the military field.




Mysterious phenomena taking place inside the ancient Egyptian pyramids and also in other constructions of their shape have been a subject of interest and research of many experts since the 1930s. They have observed extraordinary and varied display of ‘pyramids’ energy’ including mummification, disinfection, hibernation, razor blade sharpening, improving food and water quality, good night sleep, improvement of well-being, regeneration of life forces and healing.


Owing to fascination, deep belief and confidence in positive influence of mysterious pyramids’ energy Tadeusz Cegliński in 2004 built a modern and world biggest pyramid in terms of shape energy influence. The Piramida Hotel is located in a recreational district of Tychy by the Paprocańskie Lake . This construction is a five times smaller replica of the great pyramid of Giza (Egypt) and it was built in an appropriately proportional manner and its orientation in relation to the Sun and all points of the compass.


All the researchers have agreed that the energy of pyramids positively affects human well-being and health. It confirms the ancient Egyptians’ belief in a mysterious energy of pyramids which can destroy all the adverse changes in a human body. A proof of this extraordinary influence is a reference in the ancient Egyptian manuscript “The Papyrus of Anna”.


In comparison to the original, Tadeusz Cegliński enriched the Piramida Hotel with an innovative solution. It is about connecting two ‘1/3 of height’(places considered to have the greatest strength of shape energy in a pyramid). As a result in the middle of the pyramid there is ‘an inner pyramid’ which aims at enhancing and transferring enhanced shape energy to the whole venue in such a way that it affects you no matter which part of the Piramida Hotel you stay in.



In the Piramida Hotel there are two unique places:
the Piramidion and the Ozyrys Underground , with the function of relaxing and therapeutic chambers.
The Piramidion is a glass-panelled top of the Piramida Hotel overlooking the surroundings, sky, stars and the Sun. Energy accumulated in the Piramidion very positively affects our physical and mental health, has a beneficial influence on activating natural cellular functions and improves weakly functioning body systems.
The Ozyrys Underground is a relaxation and therapeutic chamber situated directly on the chakra, which emanates beneficial energy from the Earth. The energy accumulated in this chamber influences human body intensly. It impacts well-being, health and vitality as well as it helps to regain psychophysical balance faster. People receiving therapy in the Ozyrys Underground often feel a deep state of relaxation. This room is designed so that you can listen to your inner self, meditate and relax.


In November 2008, PhD Stanisław Sagatowski a certified master of radiesthesia and court expert conducted a radiesthetic expertise of the Piramida Hotel. The study was carried out around the base of the Piramida Hotel starting from the north- eastern corner, as well as inside the hotel, and in the Ozyrys Underground. .

The research concludes that “It is extremely interesting to observe radiesthetic qualities of microenergy generated by the pyramidal construction inside and outside the building. What is of utmost importance is the emission of particular microvibrations significant for bioenergetic condition of a human body. Here what seems to be very important is the so-called Ozyrys Underground situated closest to the chakra, i.e. rock massif with certain energizing, relaxing and therapeutic qualities. These exceptional qualities of the place are caused by the emission of chakra energy consisting of three kinds of frequency known in radiesthesia as green (G), purple (P) and white (W). A beam of these three energies is beneficial for functioning of energetic structure of human body and is crucial for recovery of organisms which are subjected to harmful radiation of water veins, tectonic fractures, empty underground areas and especially high frequency current devices (e.g. microwave ovens, various medical equipment, mobile phones, electrical transmission lines and some refrigerators) and ionizing radiation. All these harmful frequencies disappear almost immediately after entering the Piramida Hotel. In the Ozyrys Underground on the other hand, in the first few minutes of the stay, a body is saturated with the chakra radiation which lingers in every person for more than 30 days after leaving the underground. It contributes to a beneficial influence of this person on her closest surroundings.”
Leisure time close to the mesmerizing
Paprocańskie Lake