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In Piramida there are two special and unparalleled in the world places: Piramidion and Osiris’ Underground.

Piramidion is a glass apex of Piramida, which perfectly fits in the place of the missing apex of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Piramidion has a view of the countryside, sky, stars and sun. This place in Piramida is also called the barge of the sun.
The energy accumulated in Piramidion positively affects physical and mental health. It also has a beneficial influence on a stimulation of natural cell processes and improvement of body systems functions. In Piramidion relaxing and energizing therapies with suitable music and color therapy are used. By remaining silent, closing eyes, not crossing arms and legs we allow the positive energy to rebuild our body, relax and restore vital forces- we charge our batteries.

Osiris’ Underground is an energetic chamber, located the closest to the tyski chakra, which emits beneficial geoenergy coming out of the earth.  Geoenergy in this place very strongly influences human body. People undergoing treatment in Osiris’ Underground often feel deep relaxation obtained by remaining silent, closing their eyes, constantly touching the floor with their feet and not crossing their arms or legs. This room is designed to facilitate listening intently to oneself, meditating and relaxing. The chakra energy, color therapy and aromatherapy directly influence your frame of mind, health and vital forces and help you to restore psychophysical balance. Osiris’ Underground features images of chambers in the Egyptian Pyramids in the time of their prosperity. It is here where you can spot 24- carat gold plated frescos, numerous statuettes and hieroglyphics.