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mgr Tadeusz Cegliński 
Specialist in Pedagogy and Health Promotion
Licenced Naturopathist and Energy Therapist

There is a mass of evidence that Tadeusz Cegliński’s touch has a therapeutic power and it has never done any harm, but the best evidence are the people who he has managed to help with problems such as: migraines, headaches of different origins, neuroses, anxiety, depression, insomnia, nose, throat, larynx or ear diseases, speech impediments, eye diseases: glaucoma, cataract, conjunctivitis, thyroid diseases, motor system inflammation, limb paresis, rheumatic diseases, spinal diseases, digestive diseases, liver and pancreatic diseases, urinary system diseases, circulatory disorders, gynaecological conditions, breast lumps, neurological disorders: Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, skin diseases, neurotic disorders following cancer treatment and many other health conditions, including hopeless cases.



A man with a wide spectrum of passions and interest and a fascination with the cultures of ancient civilizations, natural medicine and philosophy. A graduate of pedagogical studies with a focus on health promotion and education, also a graduate of theological studies and post-graduate studies in the field of health care. He graduated from all the studies with excellent results and defended his master’s thesis with distinction. Author of many works including: „The Impact of Pyramids on the Human Psyche and Physical Structure” (Wpływ piramidy na strukturę psychofizyczną człowieka) and „The Pyramids as the Expression of Egyptian Religious Beliefs” (Piramidy wyrazem wierzeń religijnych Egipcjan). The originator and creator of the only „Health and Beauty Pyramid” in the world, which recreates the energy related attributes of the greatest pyramid in the world, (Pyramid of Cheops in Giza) – i.e. shape radiation and the accumulation of special energy that has beneficial effects on human body.

Tadeusz Cegliński’s healing abilities and achievements have undergone multiple analyses, tests and experiments by Polish and German universities – each time they were confirmed by scientific authorities. It was in 1985 that Tadeusz Cegliński’s healing achievements were first recorded at the Institute of Mental Hygiene and Psychology at the University of Freiburg, managed by Prof. Hans Bender, MD. In 1986 Prof. Günter Wiegelmann, head of Volkskundliches Seminar, Münster University, Doctor Honoris Causa of Lundt Royal University in Sweden, who studied unconventional medicine methods, took an interest in Tadeusz Cegiliński’s abilities. On 08.07.1987, Prof. Günter Wiegelmann declared that, based on the opinions of numerous patients, his own observations, and various tests, the extraordinary abilities of Tadeusz Cegliński were confirmed. He stated furthermore that Tadeusz Cegiliński is a person of great faith and powerful personality. Professor Wiegelmann’s research resulted in the publication of the academic work „Volksmedizin heute” („Folk medicine today”).


In appreciation of the overall work and achievements of Tadeusz Cegliński, he devoted an entire chapter of the book to him and placed his portrait on the book cover.

In an interview for „Nord-West Zeitung” from 24.10.1987, Prof. Günter Wiegelmann, MD said that prior to meeting Tadeusz Cegliński he had never come across a person with such exceptional healing abilities. On the initiative of the professor, the phenomenon of Tadeusz Cegliński became the subject of medical and psychological study for scientists from the university in Regensburg. The study was carried out at the Medical Psychology Department and Preclinical Medicine and Biology Department as well as Specialist Clinic in Donaustauf. It provided evidence that there is a causal relationship between the influence of Tadeusz Cegliński and the final effects in patients. German scientists expressed the following opinion:

“The influence of Mr Cegliński is characterized by an extraordinary method of curing, which is inexplicable from the medical point of view. It has been demonstrated under doctors’ supervision that the influence of Mr Cegliński has unexplained pain alleviating properties. In cases where conventional medicine had proven helpless, the influence of Mr Cegliński brought about an unexpected positive reaction. Based upon the above statements, we may assume that there is a causal relationship between the healing influence of Mr Cegliński and the final effects in patients”.

In 1990, Krzysztof Wasilewski MD, Ph.D., a research assistant at the Department of Digestive Tract Surgery of Silesian Medical Academy (presently Silesian Medical University) in Katowice, took an interest in the abilities and achievements of Tadeusz Cegliński . He initiated many experiments and tests to be conducted. These included tests at the Physical Chemistry Department of Silesian University in Katowice, where Prof. Stefan Ernst, PhD studied the effect of Tadeusz Cegliński’s holding a glass of water. It turned out that under his influence the physical and chemical properties of the water changed. Some of the observed effects were: significant acceleration in heating, change of pH and conductivity. This proves that the touch of Tadeusz Cegliński’s hands is effective – regardless of one’s beliefs on healing powers.

During an academic symposium for Polish doctors organised in Czapielski Młyn between 20. and 25.09.1993 by the National Association of the Federation of Trade Unions of Health Care Employees, Tadeusz Cegliński presented his healing abilities. Ryszard Madejski, MA, the National Coordinator for NWI and vice-president of the Federation of Trade Unions of Health Care Employees, thanked Tadeusz Cegliński for his participation in the symposium, writing:

“... you demonstrated your undeniably excellent methods of curative influence on the patients and the therapeutic results you achieved received recognition and admiration”.

Tadeusz Cegliński also participated in a similar academic symposium on 28 October 1993, organised by the Warsaw Doctors Society in Warsaw. Thanking him for the participation and demonstration of his healing abilities, Prof. Ryszard Jacek Żochowski, MD, Ph.D – president of the Warsaw Doctors Society in Warsaw, who was the Minister of Health between 1993-1997, wrote as follows:

“We would like to express special appreciation for giving us access to the scientific documentation confirming your healing abilities and the demonstration of your bioenergetic therapeutic abilities. The meeting was particularly well received by the doctors and it was assessed highly by all the participants. Hoping for further cooperation with Warsaw Doctors Society, with compliments and respect”.

In 1994, Prof. Stanisław Gdula, the head of the Thermodynamics Department of the Technical University of Łódź, performed studies on the energetic effects of the bio-energy influence of Tadeusz Cegliński and determined that:

“The study indicates that the energy emitted by Tadeusz Cegliński’s hands does not display the features of a ‘usual’ heat radiation, ... the feeling that the energy emitted by the bio-energy therapist penetrates the body is a confirmation of this fact...”



In May 1995 the VII International Scientific Symposium in Warsaw was held, under the heading „21st Century Medicine – Medicine as the Art of Therapy”, where Nobel laureates in medicine and physiology were present, in the person of Prof. Robert Vane from Britain and Prof. Bert Sekmann from Germany. During the symposium a scientific work was presented entitled “Dialogue and Universalism”, published by Polish Academy of Sciences. One of the chapters read out – written by Zygmunt Filipowicz MD, Ph.D – was devoted to the phenomenon of Tadeusz Cegliński, who was present among the invited guests.

In 1995, Tadeusz Cegliński served as an expert during the sessions of the Social Policy and Health Committee of the Senate of the Polish Republic, refuting accusations and attacks which aimed at the total ban on the so-called unconventional medicine, including bio-energy therapy. Demonstrating the positive effects of his healing powers, confirmed by the results of tests and supported by many persons from the field of medicine and science, Tadeusz Cegliński was able to influence the outcome of the debate, which ended in rejecting the amendment to the Act on Freedom of Conducting Business Activity. This resulted in the inclusion of bio-energy therapy in the index of professions approved by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy.



The influence and effectiveness of the powers are also confirmed by the study of the head of Physiology Department at the Silesian Medical Academy, Prof. Witold Tuganowski, MD, PhD in a study involving the registering of the systolic function in an isolated preparation of the sinus node in the heart of a rabbit.

“... the effects exerted on the preparation is indisputable. (...) the influence described is frequent and evident in the controlled conditions of the experiment, which means that it does in fact exist. We should not negate the existence of phenomena we do not comprehend, otherwise there would be no science”.

Ryszard Zygmunt Filipowicz, MD, PhD, the head of the Ministry of Health clinic in Konstancin, stated in an interview in 1996:

“If there were a „Ranking of Polish Healers” Tadeusz Cegliński would surely hold an honourable position in such a publication – the first and the only one in the category of those, whose healing abilities have been scientifically proven and approved by Polish (and other) medical authorities. This bio-energy therapist performing miracles of restoring people’s health on a daily basis at his Natural Therapy Centre in Tychy belongs to the scarce group of healers recognised by the medical world...

... Bio-energy therapy is a fact, its existence is continuously confirmed by new cases of people experiencing the helplessness of conventional medicine and whose health is restored by the hands of Tadeusz Cegliński”.

There is much evidence that Tadeusz Cegliński’s touch helps – and has never harmed anyone – but the best proof are the people who have been helped.



Prof. Leszek Wdowiak, MD, PhD of Lublin Medical Academy said about Tadeusz Cegliński in 1996:

„I am sceptical of the so-called healers. (…) Only Tadeusz Cegliński’s sessions have won my approval”.

In the „Pani Domu” magazine, No 31 of 29.07.1998, in an article entitled “Scientists Speak Out” it says:

“I am a sceptic, therefore I underwent Tadeusz Cegliński’s therapy myself – it turned out to be effective” – Prof. Józef Półturzycki.

“In my opinion, Tadeusz Cegliński’s touch in some obscure way stimulates the defensive powers of a disease stricken organism” – Prof. Jacek Zabłocki.

“A preliminary analysis suggests that the touch of Tadeusz Cegliński’s hands is effective in cases of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, allergies and many others” - Prof. Ryszard Borowski

The phenomenon of Tadeusz Cegliński became a point of interest also for the physicist Prof. Jerzy W. Wyrzykowski of Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering – Warsaw University of Technology. Since 1997 he has conducted selective experiments which were to enable a more precise description of Tadeusz Cegliński’s abilities. On 23 March 1999 Prof. Jerzy W. Wyrzykowski wrote the following words:

„I have been observing Mr Tadeusz Cegliński’s activity for some time. He is not a doctor and does not present a diagnosis, he simply heals people by placing his hands on them. His powers have always been and will always be the subject of analyses and scientific experiments. (…) I wish Mr Cegliński that his abilities serve people in need for as long as possible”.

On 18.07.2003 the Ambassador of Israel – Prof. Shevach Weiss – wrote the following words in a letter to Tadeusz Cegliński:

“We will not forget the wonderful time spent together.... I feel your energy till this day. [...] Yours, Shevach Weiss” .

On 22.12.2004 the coach of the Polish national football team, Jerzy Engel, inscribed a book Prosta gra (Simple Game) for Tadeusz Cegliński with the words:

“To Tadeusz Cegliński, without whom the success of the qualification for the World Cup 2002 would not have been possible. To my friend and the friend of the Polish national team as well as of all the club players. Jerzy Engel, the coach of the Polish national team 2000 – 2002”.

You can read about Tadeusz Cegliński and the effects of his achievements in the books:



If you wish to experience Tadeusz Cegliński’s healing power and the positive energy of his pyramid, enhanced with the energy of the chakram on which it is placed, we invite you to the therapies and rest-cures.

The stay in „The Pyramid” and the therapy performed by Tadeusz Cegliński will recharge you with exceptional energy, strengthen your body, revitalize it and allow for recovery.